Often times we think of a real estate transaction as a neat little box to check off of our list. However, we all know this isn’t the case when it comes to buying and selling. As a real estate agent I’ve seen many unique situations that all deserve an equal amount of attention. My latest House to Home Chronicle highlights two of my clients who needed to sell their home first and then wait to buy later. When you’re in a unique real estate sitation, like a multi-stage move, here are some considerations for choosing an agent.

  • A Level of Trust: Out-of-the-box real estate situations have to be handled with extra care. You want a real estate agent who you’re comfortable explaining your needs to in a candid way. Despite it’s cut and dry appearance, the best kind of real estate is personal. If your real estate agent, or consultant, doesn’t fully understand your needs, then you may wind up with more miscommunication in the future.
  • Solid Resources and Team: Part time agents often have limited resources and time when it comes to catering to their clients. Ask them how much time each week is dedicated to real estate (i.e. research, client communication, marketing). Solid advice and guidance can be hard to come by without the right infrastructure in place. Email newsletters, quarterly updates and personal check-ins should help anyone in a unique situation.
  • Experience with High Pressure: Often times buyers will hold off purchasing for some time and then be ready to go nearly out of the blue like these clients. Your real estate consultant needs to be experienced with high pressure for this type of arrangement to work. Multiple offers, bidding wars and special conditions all could bring the deal to a hault if not handled correctly. Make sure your agent has a great success rate with overcoming obstables such as these.