Over the past decade, 888,000 people have moved to the Charlotte metro, a growth rate of 59.6%, making Charlotte the fastest growing for that time period. Relocating can be an overwhelming and stressful time but I can help make that move as seamless as possible. I was able to help the couple below relocate to Charlotte with an unexpected timeline, which resulted in needing a quick buy! Watch their story in the video below.


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Q: Tell Us About Your Real Estate Journey

A: We chose to move to North Carolina because we have family here, and family is most important thing in life so that was our main reason. And the weather – the weather’s better than Illinois.

Q: How Did You Hear About Karen Kitzmiller?

A: My brother and sister-in-law live there and they’re good friends with Karen and her daughters are good friends with my niece and so they just highly recommended her and they were right!

Q: What Steps Did Karen Take To Make Your Home Search Quick & Easy?

A: She asked us a lot of questions and so we just gave her the input and criteria. She lined up quite a few houses for us to see over a couple of days, a couple houses we had found she had done the research and got the information together for us, and then we went back and forth – we were actually leaning towards a different house and then on our drive back through our conversations and debating what worked best for us we kind of settled on this one and she’s been taking care of everything for us since we’re out of state. She’s been a great help.

Q: What Criteria Did You Have While Looking For A Home?

A: Basically, probably the location was a big criteria. You know, we came here for family reasons and I think that was a big one, and where we ended up buying they have some neat amenities in their development so that was a big plus too.

Q: What Did You Like Most About Working With Karen?

A: She’s just friendly. I just never felt like I had to be or say or do or dress a certain way. I think she started off feeling more like a friend or family – it wasn’t like we had to be intimidated by “are we looking in the right price range?” or “is she looking down on us?” or looking at us differently so it was friendly right from the get-go.

Q: What Tips Would You Give To Future Home Sellers?

A: Call Karen! But really, try to get a good understanding of what you really want because I think if you know what you want it makes it a little easier for Karen, or any other Realtor. It is hard, when you’re looking for a home what you think in your mind and what you verbalize are typically two different things so make out a paper list, write it out, so you can see it and then you know look at homes from all different perspectives. What’s really important to you? We went to see a lot of homes that day that didn’t fit our style even though they might have been the right criteria or on paper they lined up perfectly but when we went there it wasn’t anywhere close. I think Karen’s flexibility was very good, giving us opportunity to when we said we were disappointed with something or it wasn’t a good fit it didn’t phase her – we just moved on to the next one. Don’t waste time on it. We never felt like she tried to talk us into it. She showed us what was there and if we didn’t like it it was on to the next one. There’s plenty of houses. She was very good about that.

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