Multiple offers on a home can be a confusing and stressful time for future home buyers. My latest House to Home Chronicles follows a couple who battled multiple offers and came out on top.

Q: What were you looking for in a home?

A: What we were looking for primarily, was an area not in a subdivision. We wanted a little bit of land, at least two acres. So, that kind of limits your choices a little bit, with as much thats growing up around the area. We wanted to be able to have some space, more room outside to be able to do things as a family. Those were the primary things we were looking for. We met with Karen and went over everything. Said, “This is what we want”, and she set up something on her computer so she could forward all these searches that matches our criteria, with the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, with the amount of acres that we wanted, in the general location that we wanted. So whenever anything hit the market,  we were able to call Karen and be like “Hey, we want to look at this. We need to see it”. We were able to jump in. Thats the reason we got this house so quickly, its because we got that. I was like “Okay, we want to look at this one”. We were able to get in look at it within a week, or a few days, of it being listed. So we were able to put an offer in. Whereas I think if we didn’t have that opportunity, that Karen wasn’t forwarding all that good information and all the new listings to us, we would have missed out on the opportunity. Because initially we weren’t doing that. So we got serious. Karen said, “Let me do this for you. Do you want me to send you this?” We were like, “Yeah! Awesome!” So then we felt that earlier we missed out on a couple of good opportunities before we really set this up with Karen. She really helped us get in on this stuff right away, so if there was something we wanted we didn’t miss the opportunity.

Q: How did Karen guide you through the situation of multiple offers on the home?

A: I guess, we were in competition with another couple who wanted to buy the property. Karen played a huge role because she was able to bring in her expertise. She’s been there. She’s been doing this for years. We haven’t! So it was nice to have somebody on our side that could help guide us through making offers and the whole process, which is just a foreign language to me. She was able to let us know different options we had in making offers. It’s not just a straight up, “This is the amount of money we have. Period.” There’s different ways to make offers. Whether you want help with closing costs, whether you want them to pay other fees. There’s just a lot of different things that go into play that we weren’t aware of. Karen was able to educate us on that and walk us through every step of the way. They did counter offer. We counter offered. The good thing that worked in our favor is that we didn’t currently have a home to sell. Which, I think, really helped us win over. We were able to be open-minded and willing to negotiate and meet halfwaay on some things. I think that’s a big thing when you’re buying a home. You can’t be close-minded. You have to go in with that open mind and work with your realtor. Karen, of course, was ours in that process. We would have been lost without her help guiding us through that.

Q: What did you learn that you would want future home buyers to know?

A: Number one: Get a survey. We were not going to get a survey. We were like “Oh, it’s no problem. It looks pretty good”. No. Get the survey because if we wouldn’t have gotten the survey, we wouldn’t have known that everything was not as it should be with the property. The sellers had two parcels of land. Which obviously we weren’t aware of because it wasn’t listed like that when they listed the homes. So without the survey, we would have had a lot of red tape to go through after the fact. Not knowing what land was ours, what wasn’t. We were able to get all that taken care of prior to closing. Yes, it’s a little bump in the road but I can’t imagine if Karen wouldn’t have educated us on how important the survey is. We wouldn’t have done it. We could have really been without a large parcel of land backing up to our property, if we wouldn’t have followed her good direction, so to speak. That really helped. Number one: get the survey. Number two I think I already mentioned: go in open-minded. Because if you don’t you’re never going to feel like you come out ahead. I think if you have an open mind and you’re willing to negotiate certain things, it’s ok to not negotiate some. We all have a list of what we’re looking for going into a process like this. Those things you are willing to negotiate on could make or break you, as far as getting the home you want. Last but not least: find a realtor that you’re going to trust. Find a realtor that you can connect with. I would say go to Karen because she did that for us. She was available for us. She took a lot of time, even on Saturday’s, when she could have been with her family. Actually, I will say this about her too. When we were renting, we called her because she was referred to us from a friend. She didn’t make a dime, but she took us out on a Saturday afternoon to look at these different rental units, to help us out. She knew where things were. We were clueless. We came for a weekend from Illinois last year. We had no clue where we were looking. She was able to guide us and direct us without making a dime. She went above and beyond and she didn’t have to. But she did it for us, therefore, we had that bond. She didn’t have to do that for anybody but she did. She goes out of her way. She’ll do anything she can to help make the process easy. And she actually cares about the people that she’s working with. That’s why I would recommend her to anyone.