As many homeowners know, having a beautiful home isn’t worth as much if some seemingly minor details are making it look dated. The thing is, we’re often not aware that our homes look a bit old-fashioned until our visitors point it out to us. Want to avoid that? Here are seven things that may be keeping your home stuck in the past and what you can do to update them.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Back in the day, we loved floor-to-ceiling mirrors because they made us feel like there was more space in our homes while hiding cabinetry. These days, however, there are many ways to make a small room look bigger, and most of them don’t require as much investment. Sheer window treatments, color-coordinated shelves, and multifunctional furniture are all great options.

2. Tile Countertops

Kitchen tile countertops were a mini-craze in the ‘80s, but they don’t have too many fans left. And if you’re looking for examples of dated home design, very few things will beat a tile countertop. Want to bring your kitchen to the modern era? Do the obvious thing and replace the tiles with natural stone, quartz, or concrete counters.

3. Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture may be cheap and easy to care for, but it will likely hurt your home design. That’s particularly true if you keep it on your front lawn, porch, or any other highly visible place. The simple solution is to upgrade to high-end furniture. If you can’t afford that, consider putting plastic furniture in storage when you’re not using it.

4. Analog Thermostat Controls

Not many homes still feature old thermostats, but the ones that do have to deal with the classic interior design faux pas known as analog thermostat controls. If you’re in this group, it’s high time for an upgrade. Smart thermostats are quite cheap these days, and they also offer higher home comforts while helping you with energy savings.

5. Bed Skirts

A bed skirt used to be an essential component of a complete bedding set. Even today, it’s still great for hiding all the stuff you’ve shoved under your bed. That said, a bed skirt also makes your bed – and by extension, your home – look rather antiquated. Consider replacing your bed skirts with more modern options, such as structured bed wraps or box spring wraps.

6. Unkempt Driveway

Do you see your driveway as a means of getting your vehicles in and out of your property? If so, think again. For someone who’s not used to it, an unkempt driveway may create a poor first impression, as it signals a general lack of care for upkeep. Fortunately, resealing your driveway makes for a great DIY project that you can finish in a single afternoon!

7. Silk Flowers

No, putting silk flowers into every single vase you have doesn’t make your home look “earthy” or make you seem like a plant lover. Instead, it makes it look like you haven’t redecorated in a while. If you don’t want to get rid of faux plants, avoid those that try to pass as the real thing and go with improbable or interesting materials such as stone or felt.