Hi, I’m Karen Kitzmiller. I’m a real estate specialist with Century 21 Real Estate Consultants in the Metro Charlotte area… watch this video or continue reading below.

I want to tell you some reasons why it might be a smarter decision for you to use a professional agent like myself.

Work with someone you trust.

We are expert negotiators, again we do this every day. Day in and day out – that’s all I do is negotiate for my clients. So, it’s not all about sales price all the time. There are lots and lots of terms and conditions to every contract that I can help with to make sure you are protected as a seller and get the best price possible for your house.

Protect yourself legally.

There are lots i’s to dot and lots of t’s to cross in terms of the facts you must disclose, forms you have to fill out, just things you need to know along the way. And it really pays to have somebody, like me, to help keep you out of trouble where that’s concerned.

Stay safe during the process.

Who’s coming through your house if you have a for sale by owner sign in your front yard? Who is looking at the paperwork on the kitchen counter? Who’s looking at your kids rooms? You don’t know if four people come in to see your house and they all four go different directions – you’ve lost control. As real estate agents, we have built-in safety measures to make sure our clients don’t end up in that sort of situation.

Now what?

So, whether you’re planning to buy or planning to sell, I would be more than happy to help you out as your agent. Please contact me.

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