Untitled design 42If you’ve ever considered moving to the Queen City, you’ve made a great choice. Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful place to live, with the charm of a small southern town but the amenities of a large, thriving city.

It’s important to know all about where you’re going, so here are a few things you should know:

  • The weather keeps you guessing

It’s very temperamental. One day it’s hot, the next freezing cold. In the summer, expect heavy rain for about 30 minutes and then the day is clear and blue. You never know from one day to the next, so it’s always good to be prepared.

  • Looking for a job? You’ll find one here

The job market in Charlotte is pretty hot with major corporations all over town. Boasting a median salary greater than the U.S. average, there’s a lot of promise for someone following their dreams.

  • The real estate market might seal the deal

The trends in Charlotte real estate show an increase of 7% ($15,000) in media home sales and a 0% rise in media rent over the past year. That means if you’re a prospective homebuyer, homes are affordable and attractive.

  • Education is top-notch

Education makes a difference, and Charlotte has some great K-12 schools to reinforce that mindset. Home to a number of colleges and universities, it’s definitely a place where education can open doors.

  • Sports have a strong home team

Nothing beats hometown love, and Charlotte residents shout it from the rafters! Home of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, BB&T Knights, NASCAR and more, there’s always a team you can root for year-round.

  • Never a dull moment

There’s always something to do. Golf is a huge hit in Charlotte, with beautiful, expansive golf courses all over town. If you’re into music, every major concert hits Charlotte, along with plays, musicals, hanging out at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and of course, shopping to your heart’s content.

  • All things “craft” is a thing

More than 20 breweries in town? That speaks volumes on the culture in Charlotte. From craft beer to craft coffee, cocktails, sodas and more, there’s something for everyone.

  • Pizza is a thing too

While Charlotte’s not on the map for their pizza, you can find some serious contenders in the city like NoDa, FUEL and Brixx Pizza. Who doesn’t like warm, gooey pizza when you’re watching sports or stuck indoors on a cold winter day?

  • The scenery is breathtaking

Beautiful trees, hills and everything you imagined a storybook would look like. The best part? It’s only a few hours away from the mountains, or if you’re a water baby, check out Lake Norman, Lake Wylie and others.

  • The community cares

Charlotte is home to some great neighborhoods and communities. In fact, it’s a place where people actually care about how you’re doing. Everyone comes together to make Charlotte one of the best places to live, which says a lot about the environment and what to expect.

  • Make sure you call downtown, Uptown

It sounds weird, but that’s what residents call it. If you want to demonstrate you’re not a tourist, it’s one to remember.

These are just a few gems on why Charlotte would be the perfect place for your relocation. With the cost of living about 5% lower than the country’s average, it’s definitely a place to keep on your radar. With lots of green space, kind neighbors and opportunities you may not find anywhere else – it’s time to call Charlotte, North Carolina home.